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How to sum up a year like 2021?

Well, we started off by releasing our video for "Fearmonger", accompanied by an awesome new shirt design from Jill from Manfish Inc., then followed that with the "Hive Mind" video and shirt (by our old friend Michael_Cowell).

Somewhere along the way we also received our test pressings for the vinyl edition of the album (out next year on Prosthetic Records) as well as the stunning early drafts of our album artwork, courtesy of Shindy Design.

In the second half of the year we spent some time in a creepy basement watching Tim kick seven shades of s#%@ out of Andy for our video for "Factions..." (filmed, as always, by Jayne Hyman - SFX, Props & Creative Services) and then spent a few days at JT Soar prepping for the filming or our live-stream album release show (available to watch right now) alongside the always-excellent Luna's Call.

We were then lucky enough to play ANOTHER home-town show, supporting Cryptic Shift and Damim, before FINALLY making our way back to Manchester to perform at this year's (long-delayed) edition of Badger Fest.

Since then we've been working hard behind-the-scenes on new music (including a top secret cover track) and plans for much more touring next year, and have been duly humbled to see "Our Kingdom Undone" appear on several different "Best of the Year" lists.

So let us close 2021 by saying thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported us over this tumultuous time. It means a lot to all of us in Beyond Grace and we promise that your faith will be rewarded even more in 2022!