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“We may be collectively entering a new dark age, but Beyond Grace are entering a new and blessed chapter of their career.” - Noizze UK

“It's modern, it's fresh... it's got an emphasis on groove, and it's savage as fuck.” - Metal Epidemic

“A lesson in modern heaviness... incorporating a little slice of everything from the last 30 years of extreme music.” - Distorted Sound

“A new breed of Death Metal for the next decade and beyond. The sky is the limit for this band.” - Metal Temple

“Combining Death Metal aggression with progressive intricacy is not easy, but it sounds like it is here.” - Wonderbox Metal

“A must-listen for fans of the genre and anyone seeking an adrenaline-fueled sonic journey into the abyss.” - Get Heavy UK

“An exciting new chapter in the band’s history [which] shows that Beyond Grace are not afraid to look outside the box for inspiration.” - Scream Blast Repeat

“A showcase of their immersive progressive detail, menacing intensity, and wicked heaviness.” - GBHBL

“A testament to Beyond Grace’s ability to read the room and put their destiny in their own hands.” - Ghost Cult Magazine

“Even heavier and angrier than before... this time they mean business.” - The Razor's Edge

Reviews for "Our Kingdom Undone":

"Another world-class missive from the UK Death Metal scene. Pay heed, this thing absolutely slays." -

"UK Death Metallers sharpen their carving knife with a conscience." - Metal Hammer

"If you want death metal that smashes your face into the pavement but in a really smart and precise way, Beyond Grace have just the beatdown for you." - Metal Sucks

"Our Kingdom Undone fluidly balances primal brutality with a subtle ear for catchy and intricate melodies within their unique spin on the genre. What’s not to love?" - Dead Rhetori

"There’s not one single moment wasted. Not one second of filler. This is a year end list candidate, no doubt about it." - Teeth of the Divine

"Our Kingdom Undone is so disgustingly heavy it becomes merciless... an example of just how dangerous Beyond Grace can be." - Distorted Sound

"a cogent gestalt, whose potency is ever-adaptive and fundamentally angry." - Angry Metal Guy

"Between the drumming and the guitar work, the album abounds with bursts of technical heaviness..." - A Certain Taste

"A cathartic, savage scream that not only channels raw power, but combines it with deft technical and ambitious song writing." - The Sleeping Shaman

"Intelligent and emotive death metal it may be, but it can still claw your face off." - Wonderbox Metal

Reviews for "Seekers":

"One of British metal’s best kept secrets and most exciting prospects." - Ghost Cult Magazine

"From abrasive clusters of scalding arpeggios to endlessly bone-scraping contortions, there's no shortage of aggressive ear-candy to be had here." - Terrorizer

"The attention to detail paid to these songs is what makes them truly shine. I simply cannot recommend this album highly enough." - Metal Bandcamp

"As sophisticated a debut as they come... an album that wants to impress but needs to punish, and succeeds with aplomb." - AngryMetalGuy

"Who says death metal can’t coincide with intelligence?" - Dead Rhetoric

"One of 2017’s best albums… [combining] technical skill, cerebral intimacy, and sheer brutality" - It Djents

"An album created by music-lovers for music-lovers, [possessing] a sense of musical professionalism that is unmatched in the field of death metal for 2017." - The Metal Observer

"A distinct combination of a brutal energy with all the ingredients necessary to create an everlasting piece of extreme music." - Metal Temple

"With every spin the record gets better and better, and that’s a good sign. It really is. I wonder, how come this band isn’t signed yet?" - Lords of Metal

"A fantastic and impressive debut that is quite the harbinger of quality to come." - New Noise Magazine