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Our brand-new video for “Factions Speak Louder Than Herds”, the fourth track off our upcoming album “Our Kingdom Undone” is now officially available to view right here.

The title for this track comes from an interview with the writer Si Spurrier – and while we’re sure he’s not the first to use the phrase, I still want him to get the credit – in which he spoke about how the loudest, nastiest voices so often drown out any hope of communication or compromise.

You’ll find that the lyrics of the song – which is one of the heaviest, yet also subtly proggiest, things we’ve ever done, trading off our usual speed for an extra dose of crushing density – also touching upon the way that this sort of abuse perpetuates itself, how it poisons and polarises us, and blinds us to the damage we’re doing… both to others and to ourselves.

And that’s what we tried to portray in the video: the cycle of violence, the refusal to stop or back down, even as the consequences of our words and actions become more and more harmful.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart – in fact it actually turned out even darker than we’d intended – but we think it really hammers home the message. Pun very much intended.

Extra special thanks, as always, to Eric from ERD Visual Media for helping bring our vision to life, and to Jayne Hyman of Jayne Hyman Props and SFX for her expertise and assistance in making it all look as real, and as gruesome, as possible.

If you like what you see/hear you can pre-order “Our Kingdom Undone” from Spotify, Bandcamp, etc, by visiting: