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Here Comes the Flood

Our brand new video for our cover of Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes the Flood" has just been released.

2022 was, without a doubt, the darkest and most difficult time we've ever faced as a band.

Though we came into the year on a major high, having just released our second album, we soon found ourselves struggling with a seemingly endless series of setbacks and misfortunes, with every bit of bad luck and every broken promise conspiring to kill whatever momentum we'd managed to build.

Along the way we lost friends. We lost family. We dealt with periods of sickness and ill-health that all took their toll on us and our loved ones. And to say we came close to calling it a day wouldn't be an exaggeration.

But one of the things that kept us going was the fact that we had already recorded and filmed 'Here Comes The Flood' - which was originally intended for release to celebrate the one year anniversary of Our Kingdom Undone - and we couldn't bear the thought of it never seeing the light of day.

It's a song that features a lot of firsts for us - it's our first cover (which we worked very hard on to ensure that it sounds like us, first and foremost, while still paying tribute to the original) and the first song of ours to incorporate clean vocals (with Tim taking the lead, and Andy providing backing harmonies) - and the video is quite probably the best one we've done yet, and we need to thank both Tankspace and our long-time videographer Eric (ERD Visual Media) for helping bring it to life in such a vivid, vibrant way.

At the same time, it also serves as the closing chapter of one stage of our career and the beginning of a whole new era for Beyond Grace.

And you won't have to wait much longer to learn just what the future holds for us. We promise you that.