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New reviews

The response to our new EP so far has been absolutely astounding.

It seems like everyone - including Wonderbox Metal, Musipedia Of Metal, Ghost Cult Magazine, and Noizze - agrees that this is our most creative and cohesive work yet and (hopefully) the start of a whole new era for the band.

Here's a few of the best quotes from some of the reviews we've received so far:

"Combining Death Metal aggression with progressive intricacy isn't easy... but it sounds like it is here." - Wonderbox Metal

"They have got to be one of the bands that gets on people's radar soon!" - Musipedia of Metal

"A testament to the band's ability to read the room and put their destiny in their own hands." - Ghost Cult Magazine

"We may be entering a new dark age, but Beyond Grace are entering a new and blessed chapter of their career." - Noizze