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The Burning Season

Our new single/video is out now and pre-orders for the new EP are now open.

Watch our fiery new video for "The Burning Season" right here:

And then go pre-order our upcomng new EP - Welcome to the New Dark Ages, Part 1 - from #Bandcamp right now:

Speaking about the new track, Andy said:

Musically speaking “The Burning Season” is easily one of the heaviest songs we've ever written, and features some of the tightest, sharpest songwriting of our career (at least, we like to think so).

At the same time, however, it's the first time (in one of our original songs anyway) that we've chosen to use Tim's captivating clean singing voice (with me providing some haunting backing harmonies) while also opting to share the harsh vocals between the two of us a little more so as to further increase the vocal variety and dynamic.

As for the lyrics, these reflect my own very real fears and anger about the path we're on, where it seems like more and more people are rejecting science in favour of superstition, demonising ideals like compassion and understanding while lionising cruelty and ignorance as if they were virtues.

It seems to me that there's not a huge step from banning books to burning them, and if we're not careful – as comfortable and as complacent as we've become – we're in danger of repeating the same mistakes that led to all our past dark ages all over again.

It's a warning that I hope gets through to people who perhaps wouldn't usually go for something so overtly “political” in their music – that's one reason why it's married to such a massively heavy, but also majorly hooky song – and gets them thinking about where all this might lead, while also giving them something to bang their heads and wreck their necks to at the same time.