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The year that was

This last year was, without a doubt, one of our hardest ever.

After releasing "Our Kingdom Undone" in September 2021 we were all ready to make 2022 our biggest and best year yet.

But over the last twelve months we've been hit by an avalanche of setbacks and stumbling blocks, cancellations, complications, and broken promises that have left us bruised and battered and (almost) broken.

That's not to say there weren't good times too, and we are so, so grateful to everyone who gave us a chance to play, who came to see us, and who supported us - without you we probably wouldn't have made it this far, to be honest.

We know we've been pretty quiet over the last few months - hopefully we'll be able to explain why some time soon - but we want you to know... we aren't done yet!

2023 will see the release of our third album, title TBA, as well as our return to the live scene (with multiple tour dates already in the works) and our first shows outside the UK.

And maybe, if we're lucky, we'll finally break our summer festival curse and get a chance to play some of those big stages we've heard so much about!

So thank you, once again, for sticking by us. We promise your faith will be rewarded.